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The X-Files Review

The X Files (1998)

‘The X Files’

Fight the Future!

Blackwood, Texas: After falling through a hole in the ground, a young boy is infected by the alien Black Oil. One week later, in Dallas, a federal building is bombed by terrorists, killing five people, including the Blackwood boy. Mulder and Scully, now part of an FBI anti-terrorism unit, learn that the boy as well as three other victims were dead even before the bombing, cause of death: an alien virus. In the Texas desert, the agents find an agricultural complex that may hold the key to unlocking the government conspiracy surrounding the extraterrestrials and their lethal virus which Mulder and Scully must fight the government in a conspiracy and find the truth about an alien colonization of Earth.
Categories: Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller

Release date: 1998-06-19
Run time: 121 minute / 2:1
Budget: $66,000,000
Revenue: $189,198,313
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Chris Carter
Production Companies : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Ten Thirteen Productions
Production Countries: Canada, United States of America
Nominated for 12 Golden Globes and 61 Emmys, including 4 for Outstanding Drama Series, The X-Files is one of the world’s most popular science-fiction drama shows. Premiering in the Fall of 1993 on the Fox Network, home of popular programs such as The Simpsons (1989) and King Of The Hill (1997), The X-Files created an entire fictional world of conspiracies and secret organizations, building a legion of fanatic followers as devoted to the series as Trekkies are to Star Trek. Creator Cris Carter, a former writer for numerous TV shows in the late-80s/early-90s – The Nanny (1993) is one example – brings together the finest aspects of suspense-laden spy novels and alien science fiction. The result is one of the top sci-fi franchises ever produced, spawning its own line of merchandise and even a full length feature film – The X-Files: Fight The Future (1998). With nine successful seasons to its credit, The X-Files is one of the longest-running sci-fi series in television history…

The X-Files follows the exploits of four FBI agents assigned to investigate a series of unsolved and mysterious cases known only as “The X-Files”. FBI special agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), John Doggett (Robert Patrick), and Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish) are the primary agents investigating these unusual cases which could never be solved by conventional investigatory methods. But Mulder and Scully in particular play prominent roles in the series. The partnership and friendship the two develop during the course of the series sets the tone for their investigations into the paranormal with Scully, a medical doctor, playing the skeptic to Mulder’s deeply held beliefs in widespread government conspiracies and alien abductions. Through the course of the series, The X-Files covers a wide-range of frightening and mysterious subjects from killer insects and secret world government organizations to the colonization of Earth by parasitic aliens. In so doing, it adds its own unique brand of humor and an original blend of creativity that fans of the genre will certainly appreciate…


The X-Files features a number of suspense riddled episodes including the series premiere in which FBI Special Agent Dana Scully is first paired with Agent Fox Mulder to help in his work on a special project known as “The X-Files”. While Mulder is a true believer in alien abductions and other abnormal happenings, Scully is a skeptic who studies the clues with a rational eye. For their first case, the two agents travel to Oregon where they study the cases of several murdered high school classmates who Mulder believes share the common bond of having been abducted by aliens… Other notable episodes from Season 1 include “Deep Throat” in which Mulder has his initial contact with a mysterious informant named “Deep Throat” (a recurring character) who reveals his knowledge of the truth behind many X-File cases, and “Miracle Man” in which a man harboring the ability to heal people by touching them becomes uneasy when several such people die after being healed…


Below is a list of episodes included on The X-Files (Season 1) :

Episode 1 (Pilot) Air Date: 09-10-1993
Episode 2 (Deep Throat) Air Date: 09-17-1993
Episode 3 (Squeeze) Air Date: 09-24-1993
Episode 4 (Conduit) Air Date: 10-01-1993
Episode 5 (The Jersey Devil) Air Date: 10-08-1993
Episode 6 (Shadows) Air Date: 10-22-1993
Episode 7 (Ghost in the Machine) Air Date: 10-29-1993
Episode 8 (Ice) Air Date: 11-05-1993
Episode 9 (Space) Air Date: 11-12-1993
Episode 10 (Fallen Angel) Air Date: 11-19-1993
Episode 11 (Eve) Air Date: 12-10-1993
Episode 12 (Fire) Air Date: 12-17-1993
Episode 13 (Beyond the Sea) Air Date: 01-07-1994
Episode 14 (Genderbender) Air Date: 01-21-1994
Episode 15 (Lazarus) Air Date: 02-04-1994
Episode 16 (Young at Heart) Air Date: 02-11-1994
Episode 17 (E.B.E.) Air Date: 02-18-1994
Episode 18 (Miracle Man) Air Date: 03-18-1994
Episode 19 (Shapes) Air Date: 04-01-1994
Episode 20 (Darkness Falls) Air Date: 04-15-1994
Episode 21 (Tooms) Air Date: 04-22-1994
Episode 22 (Born Again) Air Date: 04-29-1994
Episode 23 (Roland) Air Date: 05-06-1994
Episode 24 (The Erlenmeyer Flask) Air Date: 05-13-1994


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